Chimney Sweeping Services

by Jamie Huxtable


Jamie Huxtable

Jamie Huxtable is a fully trained and accredited chimney sweep in the North Somerset area, having trained with the Institute of Chimney sweeps (ICS) as well as holding an NVQ in domestic and commercial chimney sweeping. He is always keeping himself upto date with all relevant accreditations. As a country man Jamie has grown up around the fireplace, Jamie still cooks and heats his own home with a traditional Rayburn. Jamie has years of experience of cleaning fireplaces.

As a certified ICS chimney sweep Jamie will issue you with a certificate recognised by all leading insurance companies.


Jamie is a competent in modern and traditional methods such as rotary power sweeping and traditional brushing methods depending on age of the chimney. He also employs infra-red CCTV for inspections of chimneys to confirm blockages and other problems in the chimney. He brings all his tools and equipment to every job, so depending on what’s required he'll be able to take on most problems.

Jamie cleans both residential and commercial properties such as pubs, hotels, holiday cottages and rental properties as well as many other commercial properties so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Chimney sweeping Jamie’s step by step.

1, Put down a dust proof worksheet and clean area before beginning

2, The appliance and the flue will be checked to ensure that there are no obstructions and is there no obvious risk factors.

3, Using the professional tools the flue will be swept and all debris that will have detached from the flue will be neatly contained. All debris will be bagged safely and left for refuge collection.

4, After the flue has been cleaned a smoke test will be carried out to confirm the customers flue is working fully and sweeping certificate will be issued showing all checks taken.

Bring disused Chimney's back to life

Jamie is able to bring old chimneys that haven't been used in along time back to life by inspecting, sweeping and using CCTV.

Additional or replacement Stove parts

Jamie also carries spare consumables for stoves including; door ropes, fire bricks, and other basic parts. Jamie can also order additional parts if required just let him know before booking.

CCTV Inspection

Jamie is able to inspect your flue thoroughly with use of CCTV. This assists in locating any internal damage to your flue as well as thorough investigating into any blockages.

Removing obstructions and Birds nests.

Jamie has both the tools and the training to remove any obstructions from your flue, this is including birds nests. Jackdaws are a known species of bird to nest in British chimneys from February to August. Once the young have fled the nest it is legal to clear the debris of the nest out through the fireplace.

In all jobs Jamie has adapted a ‘clean as you go’, attitude so have no worries about your home everything will be contained and left as it was found. With every job on arrival and inspection of the job Jamie will agree the full cost of the job before starting.


Why sweep your chimney?

Regular sweeping is vital to remove blockages that build up quickly with frequent use.

Sweeping your chimney regularly prevents fires and allows toxic gases to be vented safely through your chimney.

Clean chimneys burn more efficiently, which will save you money on fuel.

How often should you clean your chimney?

How often you clean your chimney depends on what you use as fuel please use the helpful list below for advice:

Smokeless Coals: Once a year Wood: Twice a year when in use
Bituminous Coal: Twice a year Oil: Once a year
Gas: Once a year

Why choose a ICS chimney sweep?

Anyone can set themselves up as a paid chimney sweep however if you choose an unregistered sweep, you are unlikely to be able to claim on your insurance for any damage caused by a chimney fire. An ICS chimney sweep will issue you with a certificate recognised by all leading insurance companies after carrying out their services.

ICS (Institute of Chimney Sweeps) is the UK's largest chimney sweeping organisation, hiring a ICS sweep will guarantee you a professional, personal, conscientious service with the back-up of a professional body. All ICS sweeps pride themselves on providing the cleanest service available, with a no-mess guarantee and Jamie is no exception.

Additionally Jamie holds a full NVQ level 2 for domestic and commercial chimney sweeping which is currently the only formal qualification in the UK for chimney sweeping and is externally verified with the highest possible quality assurances. Unlike other accreditations Jamie has had to pass the assessment to become qualified.

Jamie is also a holder of the CSCS card which provides proof that he is able to work safely on construction sites and the CSCS card is registered with appropriate body for verification. This type of card usually allows plumbers, electricans and other skilled tradesmen to work on building and construction sites.

For any other questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with Jamie for free friendly advice.


Service Cost
Open fire, Standard Chimney Sweep (up to 2 storey house) £75
Open fire, Standard Chimney Sweep (up to 4 storey house) £85
Wood burner stoves (up to 2 storey house) £65
Wood burner stoves (up to 4 storey house) £80
Wood burner stove with no liner & soot hatch (up to 2 storey house) £80
Wood burner stove with no liner & soot hatch (up to 4 storey house) £90
Power Sweeping with CCTV £90
Bird's nest removal (first hour) £90
Bird's nest removal (additional 30 mins) £35
Standard Inglenook Fireplace £170
Inglenook Fireplace with no liner & soot hatch £140
AGA / Rayburn oil cleaning £100
AGA / Rayburn cleaning solid fuel/gas £90

How to book

The best way to book your sweep in with Jamie is to use either the contact form below or by emailing

Jamie will then come back to you with his available dates, please specify your preferred day of the week and AM/PM for bookings. Any home phone messages left will be responded to in the evening, but Jamie will always respond.

Please note; As per government advice Jamie is now able to carry out work whilst COVID-19 is on-going in it's current state. He's fully aware of all the COVID-19 advice from the government and is COVID safe and takes every precaution and will work to what you're comfortable with.


Feel free to email us or use the form below for a quote and more information as well as free advice.

07841 421850 // 01275 874252
Old Smeath Farm, Cooks Lane, Clevedon, BS21 6TF



Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you don’t live at one of the below locations, Jamie can give you a direct quote according to your location via email or telephone.

Clevedon Nailsea Wrington Yatton
Portishead Congresbury Kingston Seymour Backwell
Gordano Wraxall Tickenham Clapton-in-Gordano
Failand Weston-in-Gordano Long ashton Weston Super Mare
Hewish Worle Locking

The cost of cleaning a chimney in the following areas maybe more please get in contact for a quote.

Clifton Southville Hotwells Bedminster
Banwell Kewstoke Bridgewater Brean